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The Infocast iWeb Internet Trading and Stock Information System provides clients with a comprehensive order entry and management service with value added information. The iWeb can be fully integrated with the Infocast Trader and iBroker Global or other trading systems allowing for automatic order validation of orders as well updating the trading system for automatic settlement procedures and record keeping.

Infocast can tailor the Internet trading solution to fit specific company branding as well as integrate value added information to the web site with our comprehensive Information Portal.


  • Fast and Easy Order Entry, all orders are automatically validated in the trading system before being sent to the market.
  • Quick Access to Complete Portfolio allowing clients to view their real-time positions.
  • Instant Notification of Trade Confirmations and rejections ensure the client has the most update status on open orders.
  • Access to Transaction History allows the client to view actions affecting their account e.g. previous buy/sell orders, dividends paid and bonus shares issued etc.
  • Account Balance Details, at any time the client can view their account balance details.
  • Comprehensive information including real time prices and company financials & statistics as well as financial news and analytical tools.


Advanced Functionality
By offering clients iWeb you are not only offering your clients a high level of customer service but also a sophisticated investment tool.

Office Efficiency
Implementation of iWeb will release internal resources, as clients will be placing orders and retrieving information directly from the Internet as opposed to phoning representatives.

The sophisticated technology used by iWeb can handle large order through put with guarantee message delivery.

The Infocast iWeb can be integrated with the Infocast Enterprise Solution for a total securities trading and settlement system or incorporated into an existing trading system with customized functionality.

Technical Overview

The iWeb application is run on Web servers, which cater for the following critical components.

User Management - The complete workflow of user registration and validation is handled within the Web Servers. All client requests from the Web trading application are routed to the appropriate trading engine and the relevant information based on the business logic of the trading engine is then returned to the end user. The Web server is the gateway, which transfers the information between the trading engine, and the end client, built in security ensures that client and trading data is fully protected and only accessible via validated users.

Security - The system utilizes a multi level security infrastructure. On the application level, SSL is used for all iWeb access in order to provide secure communication channels. This ensures that data integrity is not violated and that data has not been modified, deleted, or replayed during transmission. In addition to this basic security support, optional security features include: -128 bits SSL; 1024 bits private key for the web server; Digital certificate; CA integration and password encryption.

Scalability - The iWeb application servers have been designed using a scaleable architecture allowing for future expansion in a fast efficient manor. The system caters for Fail-over, Load Balancing and High Availability. Load balancing is accomplished in two levels, on Internet traffic level and application business request level.

Feed Management - iWeb has proven feed managers for the Infocast Portal and the real time price feed. The feed manager maintains all data received from the various feeds and ensures data is stored and distributed in an efficient manor.

Auditing - Full end-user activity auditing is provided to ensure security and non-repudiation. With safe and secure database, auditing feature the system can provide auditing records of activities of all end-users and administration users.

For more information on the Infocast iWeb service or any of the other Infocast products please contact an Infocast representative on (852) 2559 6889.