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iRouter is a module within the Infocast Enterprise Solution which provides multi market order routing. iRouter is the component which receives the orders from Infocast Trader and routes them to the appropriate market interface. iRouter communicates with various market interfaces and transfers the order information between the trading system and the market interfaces.

The iRouter has currently been built with communications to the following market interfaces:- iBSS for the Hong Kong market, FIX SGX Access for the Singapore market and various interfaces for North American markets, for straight through order processing. All other markets can also be handled by using the iRouter/iDealer communications for semi manual order processing.


  • Handles all orders types for any market
  • Parameterized design to fit different operational configuration needs
  • Guaranteed message delivery with no duplication
  • NT Server for reliability and accessibility
  • Scalable design for high performance
  • Support FIX 4.2
  • Handles the session level FIX protocol and administrative messages (in conjunction with the FIX Engine server)
  • Supports advanced encryption methods like MD5 and SSL (in conjunction with the FIX Server)


Multi Market - interfaces to multiple markets for truly diversified trading capability

Performance - supports large trading volumes on a 24 hour trading basis

Security - guaranteed message delivery and receipt

Technical Overview

The main task of the FIX Gateway/Accessor is to provide a mapping between incoming/outgoing FIX messages and its corresponding Infocast Trader iChannel CORBA interface definitions

Working with the Infocast certified FIX engine the gateway reads the XML configuration file (outlining message mapping configuration)

The FIX Gateway/Accessor has been developed to be a plug and play module running within the context of the FIX Engine Core System. The component is invoked as "in-process" component within the FIX engine. VisiBroker 4.5 for Java is used as the run-time environment to facilitate ease of connectivity between the iChannel interface (which is CORBA BOA implementation) and the FIX engine.


  • VisiBroker for 4.5 for Java
  • FIX Server (from Cameron Systems)
  • Oracle Database (for message recovery and persistency)


For more information on the Infocast iRouter service or any of the other Infocast products please see our website at www.infocastfn.com or contact an Infocast representative on (852) 2559 6889.