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Infocast Mobility - The latest in wireless technology enables traders and investors to access real-time stock and commodity quotes and to trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange - ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

Now you can fully extend the functionality of your PDA. Wherever you are, simply connect to your PDA via your mobile phone for all your trading tools. (Security is guaranteed by firewalls and proxy configuration, safe keeping any private data.)

It is simple and convenient. This is the leading edge in system mobility.

Unique Features:

  • Global Access: gives you the convenience of secure access of news, quotes and trading around the world.
  • Low Cost: minimal bandwidth utilization.
  • User Friendly: fast access and efficient trading.
  • Brand-building: building stronger customer connections.
  • Turnkey Solution: high-level technical skills and maintenance are not required.
  • Latest Technology: utilizing the latest wireless technology of GPRS and 3G for data delivery.


  • Reliable and efficient
  • Portable and convenient
  • High speed wireless data services
  • Reduces the volume of transmitted data

For more information on the Infocast Mobility service or any of the other Infocast products please email us at #SUPPORT_MAIL# or contact an Infocast representative at (852) 2559 6889.