Web Content Display


Infocast has developed the iInvestor MultiMedia which enables both real time and static data from numerous sources and in various formats such as text, video and audio to be displayed on multiple devices including Plasma Display Screens, LCD Monitors, Personal Computers and Television Screens.

This innovative development enables companies to deploy a new level of information distribution, it is extremely useful for banks and brokerage firms whom wish to attract their clients' attention and provide quality information.

The smart iInvestor MultiMedia application allows for real time iInvestor data such as stock prices, indices, top gainers/losers, watch pages, market news and historical & intra day charts to be displayed combined with other information such as company promotions, video advertisements and company announcements etc.

The display systems are set up with unique usernames, administration for all of the display systems can be controlled from one central location, the parameter driven setup provides additional control allowing the administrator to manage the flow and data content of each display system individually or in a group level. Special alert type information can also be distributed highlighting specific notices and announcements.

The iInvestor MultiMedia solution leverages on the existing Infocast proven iInvestor Financial Information Distribution Infrastructure. This Infrastructure has been proven to work extremely well with distributing large amounts of financial information for remote viewing and storage.

Main Functions

Multilingual Support - The solution supports Multilingual transmission and display, namely Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and International English.

Complex Scheduling - The programming and data content scheduling can be based on individual or group levels enabling the multi-media distribution of real time and or "playback" display.

Supports a large number of MultiMedia Formats - The solution can import a wide array of multi-media formats for transmission and display.

Group/User Management - Enablement of instant and continuous messages to a group or individual system, which can be displayed in predetermined window coordinates. Special attributes will also be supported, such as flashing and different font sizes.

Real Time and Canned Distribution/Storage - Distributable and real-time data is automatically recovered in case of machine failure.


The advanced features of the iInvestor MultiMedia service provides a strong advertising facility to attract client business.

The broadcast design of the service allows for additional display screens to be implemented without the need to upgrade control servers and software.

Implementation of the iInvestor MultiMedia also prepares the site for the advanced Infocast trading and information system, which could be incorporated into the same infrastructure saving money and resources.

For more information on the Infocast iInvestor MultiMedia service or any of the other Infocast products please contact an Infocast representative on (852) 2559 6889.