The Infocast iInvestor service provides comprehensive financial and statistical information on all Hong Kong Stock Exchange securities, futures and indices plus Hang Seng indices, international indices and China A & B share markets. As well as real time news from Infocast Newswire and the Hong Kong Exchange.

The iInvestor service is the perfect solution for anyone trading in the Hong Kong and China markets. The service can be deployed as a standalone unit utilizing our streaming data via the Internet or within your company network utilizing our sophisticated client server architecture. The various means of distribution makes the service very cost effective and flexible.

Infocast processes real time information from numerous sources such as the MDF from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, FXN for the China A & B markets and International data from ADP etc, the real time data is instantly transmitted to the iInvestor workstations. Infocast also provides value added data to the service including important financial data such as company financials & statistics as well as a solid charting and technical analysis facility with historical data going back to 1990.

The iInvestor service can be integrated with the Infocast Trader and iBroker Global applications allowing for fast access between the information service and the electronic trading facilities as well as saving on hardware and software requirements.


  • Real Time Prices on equities, warrants, futures and options
  • Composite Stock Page containing all relevant stock information in one easy to read screen with fast access to charts - historical & intra day, news, company statistics and related stocks
  • Hang Seng and SEHK Indices - live values and charts - historical & intra day
  • Futures & Options - live prices and charts - historical & intra day
  • HKEx News Announcements, Fundamentals, 6 year Profit and Loss summary of listed companies
  • Infocast Newswire up to the minute news stories on the latest financial news
  • Over 10 years historical data along with technical indicators
  • Broker Orders & Summary Details
  • Management Portfolio and visual alert indicators
  • Real time quotes for international market information including Forex, Interest Rates, Precious Metals and Commodities


iInvestor utilizes high speed transmission lines and central processors guaranteeing the fastest real time market data in Hong Kong.

Cost Effective
The client server architecture provides a robust infrastructure and cost effective setup.

iInvestors' advanced technology ensures all data is stored securely eliminating any possibility of data being corrupted.

The large array of market data allows users to make informed trading decisions on Hong Kong and China markets.

On top of the robust iInvestor server a hot backup can be implemented for additional security and complete system redundancy.

Other Advantages

iInvestor can be implemented into existing company networks utilizing the proven client server infrastructure and integrated with the Infocast Trader electronic trading system and iBroker Global back office settlement system, providing a complete securities system.

iInvestor also has a Internet streaming data application providing real time information via the Internet for a very affordable comprehensive market information service to private investors.

For more information on the Infocast iInvestor service or any of the other Infocast products please contact an Infocast representative on (852) 2559 6889.