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The Open Gateway Server known as the BSS (Broker Supplied System) is a technical device installed at the broker's office to provide electronic linkage between the broker's trading system and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's AMS/3 Trading Host System. Infocast has developed iBSS to allow the Infocast Trader system to communicate with the AMS/3 Trading Host. The iBSS can also be integrated to other trading systems for use with the AMS/3 Trading Host.

Main Features

  • Supports all major AMS/3 functions
  • Supports different "plug-ins" to enable different client protocol
  • Complete Message Recovery
  • High message rate (in order of 100 messages/second for market data feed while handling trading messages)
  • High Availability Configuration (Hot Standby or Cluster Grouping)
  • Parameterized design to fit different operational configuration needs
  • Guaranteed message delivery with no duplication
  • Scalable design for high performance

Standard Features

  • New order
  • Reduce order
  • Cancel order
  • Modify order
  • Basket order
  • Manual trade handling
  • Market status update
  • Price-warning order handling
  • Handle market auction/limit auction


High Performance - capable of handling large order through put

Reliability - sophisticated hot backup and automatic recovery mechanism

Scalability - handles multiple broker seats

Technical Overview

The main task of the FIX Gateway/Accessor is to provide a high-speed multi-threaded channel for placing orders and retrieving market-data feed to complement Infocast Investor feed information.

The AMS/3 Accessor has been developed to contain plug and play module support different client handlers requiring different transport protocol. Currently the supplied transport protocol is CORBA BOA running under VisiBroker


  • VisiBroker for 4.5 for C++
  • Oracle Database (for message recovery and persistency)


  • Benchmarks shows the capacity to handle 100 messages/sec for market data-feed
  • Handle orders in less than 0.1 s

For more information on the Infocast iBSS service or any of the other Infocast products please see our website at www.infocastfn.com or contact an Infocast representative on (852) 2559 6889.