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Your multi market securities settlement system

iBroker Global is a comprehensive back office settlement system which handles all Securities trading back office requirements, with complete integration to the front end trading system and information services. The iBroker Global system interfaces with the Infocast Trader server, receiving on-line trade confirmations and tagging incoming orders to relevant client accounts, the real-time interface allows the back office client details to be updated instantly.

iBroker Global is a complete back office system which is parameter driven allowing for various master data to be setup for multiple company use and retaining complete client records which are easily accessible.

Multi Market, Multi Currency and Multi Company

iBroker Global supports all back office operations in a time efficient manor following are some of the features.

  • Automatic trade confirmation, eliminating manual order input
  • Electronic interface to CCASS and SEHK for trade reconciliation
  • Supports different trading rules and different trading & settlement holidays for multiple markets
  • Handles multiple currencies, original and actual settlement currency
  • Supports treasury functionality's including foreign exchange, swap, repurchase orders, term deposits, and term loans
  • Definable interest calculations based on account type, currency, payable or receivable
  • Supports different account types including cash, margin, custody and house
  • Parameter driven charge types covering fixed rate, sliding scale, range and discount on standard rates
  • Calculation on commission rebates to clients, based on the percentage on gross commissions and gross considerations
  • Calculation of net commissions for individual salesman on daily, monthly and year to date basis
  • On-line enquiry of exposure monitoring individual or groups of accounts
  • Automatic printing of contract notes, daily and monthly statements and ability to send to multiple destinations by mail, fax, email and telex
  • Ability to amend corrections on same trade date or subsequent dates
  • Supports all corporate actions and handles distribution to corresponding clients and company custodian accounts as well as automatically applying appropriate fees and client notifications
  • Comprehensive tracking of all stock/cash movement and generation of the relevant journal ledger entry for the GL interface
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities including Ageing Reports on Overdue Outstanding Amounts, Margin Credit Monitoring, Client and Company Risk Exposure, Commission and Transaction Reporting


  • All in one settlement solution handling multi markets, multi currencies and multi company requirement in one system. Giving you a total solution to handle all trading and settlement needs in a cost effective environment.
  • Consolidated client management, statements and reports for multiple market trading reduces costs and increases office efficiency.
  • Parameter driven setup allows to you react to market change very quickly and efficiently.
  • Modular design to fit both retail and institutional trading requirement.
  • Fully integrated with Infocast Trader, the order entry and management system reduces duplicate input of transactions and enables straight through processing.
  • Fully integrated with Infocast iInvestor, the real time securities information services enables on-line real time portfolio valuation and margin control.
  • Stringent security control incorporating different user levels and privileges ensures substantial protection to sensitive client trading information.
  • Sophisticated technical and database infrastructure enables redundancy setup and integration to other parties such as bank mainframes.
  • Scaleable architecture, easily upgradeable as business expands.

Other Advantages

iBroker Global can be fully integrated with Infocast Trader and iInvestor for the total Enterprise Solution of a complete securities trading system.

iBroker Global can be Standalone or can be integrated with other third party systems.

For more information on the Infocast iBroker service or any of the other Infocast products please see our website at www.infocastfn.com or contact an Infocast representative on (852) 2559 6889.